Baha cordelle datasheet4u

Datasheet cordelle

Baha cordelle datasheet4u

( BAHA Cordelle II, BAHA Intenso). cordelle Bone- Conduction , datasheet4u Replacement, Bone- Anchored Hearing Aid ( BAHA) Implantation datasheet4u Upgrades: Published. It has been designed for patients with severe mixed hearing losses who need a stronger device than Baha Divino™ Baha datasheet4u ® cordelle Compact Baha Classic 300. It consists of a head worn transducer and a body worn unit. The Baha® Cordelle II cordelle is the most cordelle powerful bone anchored sound processor on the market today.

BAHA® 5 • BAHA® Cordelle II • BAHA Divino® • BAHA Intenso® ( digital signal processing) • BAHA® BP100 • BAHA® 4 ( upgraded from the BP100) datasheet4u The FDA cleared the BAHA system for use in children aged 5 years older adults for the following indications:. Baha cordelle datasheet4u. used with an implantable bone- conduction ( bone- anchored) baha hearing aid. ( Predicate devices include the Baha® 4, Cordelle II. Pure tone average ( PTA) bone conduction hearing threshold better than baha cordelle equal to 55 dB HL ( BAHA Intenso) Pure tone average ( PTA) bone conduction hearing threshold better than equal to 65 dB HL ( BAHA Cordelle II) BAHA® Cordelle II™ BAHA® BP100™. It will datasheet4u be determined during.

BONE baha ANCHORED HEARING AID baha CRITERIA baha The bone- anchored hearing aid ( BAHA) is a bone- conduction hearing aid that allows direct.

Baha datasheet

The BAHA Cordelle II ( Cochlear ® ) is a good option in the treatment of severe to profound bilateral mixed hearing loss. Its best advantages are a low risk of labyrinthization, high result predictability, easy and step- by- step surgery, no need for general anaesthesia, and the GAP over closure in all frequencies. Page 3 English English Baha Cordelle II ® Head worn unit The Baha Cordelle II is a bone conduction sound processor. The Cordelle II is the ® Body worn unit most powerful Baha sound processor and consists of a body worn unit connected Cord to a head worn unit. The first sound processor to feature the new snap coupling was the Baha Cordelle II, also released in 1999.

baha cordelle datasheet4u

The new processor replaced the previous Cordelle by improving the body- worn unit. A year later, in, the Baha Compact would be introduced to replace the Baha 360, and feature improved electronics and an optional directional microphone. BAHA® sound processors for use with the BAHA auditory osseointegrated implant system include BAHA Cordelle II, BAHA Divino®, BAHA Intenso™ ( digital signal processing), BAHA BP 100, BAHA 4 ( upgraded from the BP100) and BAHA 5.